A Black & Mild Cigars Buying Guide

All About the Black & Mild Brand 

If you haven’t yet tried a genuine Black & Mild Cigar yer, you might be missing out. These smooth, sweet, and flavorful cigars are unique in their own right. The Black & Mild brand offers an unparalleled smoking experience with enticing aromas that can’t be duplicated!

The Black & Mild Brand 

With a rich history and a longstanding place in American culture, Black & Mild Cigars are a true champion among tobacco products. Black & Mild cigars are machine-made, meaning that they can be purchased at an amazing value. These Cigars are expertly crafted by the John Middleton Company. 

Located in Limerick, PA, the Black & Mild Company is associated with the Altria Tobacco Group and Phillip Morris. As such, these cigars are sold around the world! Furthermore, Black & Mild Cigars and Cigarillos come in a wide range of flavors, blends, wrappings, and styles. 

Most Black & Milds have a wrapper that’s made of a premium homogenized tobacco leaf paper for a more intense buzz. They can also feature wood tips, no tips, or plastic tips. It will all depend on the style you get! Also, you can choose from regular-sized, short, or little cigars. 

The History of Black & Mild 

Originally from the John Middleton Company, Black & Mild Cigars came out in the 1960s. After Middleton’s Cherry Pipe Tobacco gained so much steam, the company decided to use this blend in cigars. Thus, Black & Mild was born. Middleton’s Cherry Black & Milds are still sold today!

Almost instantly, Black & Mild Cigars became a hit. By the 1970s, these cigars were being smoked by the millions! Later in the 1990s, Black & Mild Cigars and Cigarillos found a place in pop culture. These cigars are referenced in many old-school rap songs. 

Today, Black & Mild Cigars are one of the top-selling cigar brands in the world! Consequently, the Black & Mild factory produces millions of these cigars every single day. That way, when you light up a black and mild, you’re smoking on a freshly-made masterpiece. 

Black & Mild Flavors and Styles

Notably, Black & Mild Cigars, Cigarillos, and Shorts come in more flavors than almost any other brand. Most popular are flavors like Sweets, Apple, and Cream. Their Wood Tipped Cigars are also extremely popular. 

You can choose from tipped cigars, shorts, and full-sized variants. Black & Mild Little Cigars are also pretty impressive. It’ll all come down to how long you’d like your smoke break to last!

Other unique Black & Mild flavors are Jazz, Select, Cherry, Grape, and Peach. No matter which flavor you choose, you’ll enjoy smooth and rich smoke with aromatic undertones and lively top notes. Suffice to say, Black & Milds are some of the most satisfying cigars around! 

Buy Black & Mild Cigars Online Cheap

If you want to taste the legacy of Black & Mild Cigars, simply click the included link! From there, you’ll be taken to a reputable online Black & Mild retailer. If that’s not enough, this online smoke shop sells Black & Mild Cigars at low bulk discount prices! 

When you buy Black & Mild Cigars in bulk from this website, you’ll likely also be eligible for free nationwide-shipping! All in all, Black & Mild cigars are like nothing else. Buying online is the best way to try a range of flavors and styles without breaking the bank!

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