Best Apps to Keep Your Dogs Healthy and Well

People who love dogs have a very close relationship with their canine friends. Keeping that in mind, they always ensure that their dogs not only stay healthy but are comfortable living inside the home as well. For this, there are different security and health-related gadgets that help get an idea that their four-legged friends are ok while they are at work or when they are not in town. 

Also, there are specially trained individuals who make sure that the dogs they are working on stay healthy and active. They spend time with them and help them walk around and know their surroundings. One of their tasks is to make sure that they get used to the human touch and hence, they train with them in the park, in the yard, and even inside the home. For dog enthusiasts who are worried about the fitness of their dogs, here are a few apps that you can use on your phone easily. Use Xfinity internet to download these apps and make sure that you can keep your dogs healthy. 


The app is one of the best apps that has more than 1,000 brands that you can trust and order food and supplies from them. You can stay in touch with pet experts round the clock and get free shipping if you make a purchase of around $50. Apart from that, you can also get discounts and exciting offers on select brands and future shipments. The app allows you to add your pet’s profiles and get recommendations for food and supplies according to your pet’s age, breed, and other variables. If you need medication for your dog, you can get medication, prescription food, and other vet-approved items under one roof. 

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AppStore Ratings: 4.9


The app is very useful for people who have a dog that has the habit of staying out of the house and you fear that it might go astray. The app helps you get alerts every time your dog leaves a secure location. If there is an emergency, you can use the app to track your dog using your phone as well. You can monitor the sleep routine and other activities of your dog. Using the app, you can create multiple safe zones around familiar WiFi Networks and get alerts if your dog leaves any of these areas. Apart from that, you can monitor your dog’s stress and anxiety levels and itchiness, and skin diseases. 

AppStore Rating: 4.6


This is one of the best apps you can have as a pet parent and lets you have information on quality dog walking, vet care, pet sitting, and other services throughout the nation. The app is ideal for people who want to book convenient pet care near their location or want their men’s best friend to have some quality time outside. You can schedule dog walks depending on the dog breed you have and even based on your dog’s needs as well. Also, there are excellent Pet Caregivers who can provide boarding and sitting services at your home or at their home. Also, the app gets you connected to a network of more than 10 million pet care providers and services in more than 4,000 cities along with many other services 

AppStore Rating: 4.8


The app helps you discover dog-friendly places including many hotels and places that have amenities for dogs and dog lovers. This can help them visit more places and lets them perform more activities with their dogs. There is an interactive map where you can find hotels, bars, parks, and other locations and even have a look at their pet policies. Also, you can create your dog’s profile and get to know other dogs near you. To add more flavor to your app experience you can send them messages, wags and even invite others for a play date. You can even schedule your public or private group play dates and other events and invite your friends. One of the best features about the app is that you can report lost and found alerts for dogs and upload information including the dog’s photo, the details, and contact information of the owner. 

AppStore Ratings: 3.6

Parting Words

These are some super cool apps that every dog lover and dog owner should have. You can find almost every app on both Google Play and App Store so that you can be with your pet even when you are at work, on a date, in a meeting and even on a vacation. Many of these apps are aimed to provide a healthy and secure environment for your dog so that you can be at peace when you are with your dog. 

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