Temporary recruitment software helping meet the demands of the temps recruiting desk

Running a temporary recruiting desk involves logistics that is different from permanent recruiting. It can be quite a challenge to maintain a productive and organised recruiting desk without a dedicated temporary recruitment software CRM.

A temporary recruiter needs temps recruitment software that is designed specifically for placing and managing temps. Why can’t a permanent CRM software work for temps recruitment? Well, the first reason is that temporary recruiting is much more fast-paced than permanent recruitment. Temps recruiters often handle many clients and their requirements simultaneously. So, dealing with hundreds of temps candidates requires a different kind of technology solution.

Useful features of temps recruitment software

•          Online booking shifts

•          Live candidate planner

•          Easy candidate and client communication

•          Complete compliance check functionality

These features are of tremendous value when it comes to improving the way services are delivered to temp workers and clients. Temp recruiters benefit immediately as their work is streamlined and much easier to manage than if they were not using the CRM tool. Productivity and efficiency get an instant boost.

Improving temps recruitment with temporary agency recruitment software

•          It helps check candidate availability in real-time

Jobs placements can open up anytime and for any number of workers in temps recruiting. This is where the recruitment CRM system is very helpful. Temps recruiters can use the software to check the real-time availability of their candidates. It can be done in a matter of minutes. Then, recruiters can book the candidates for certain shifts, check who is busy and who wants to work only on certain days. It is a timesaving feature that is useful for both recruiters and workers.

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•          It helps improve billing and payments

It is extremely convenient for temps workers to electronically sign in their worked hours and have their managers check and confirm the time. This way both the workers and the managers can ensure that the correct data has been recorded. The approved timesheet helps to speed up the client invoicing process.

•          It helps manage temps candidates better

Candidate management is important in every type of recruitment. It holds a different significance in temps recruiting as the recruiters have more candidates to manage at the same time. When recruiters use a temps recruitment CRM solution, they can keep track of all their active candidates, manage correspondence with them, and ensure that everything is going smoothly.

•          It helps keep temps desk organised

Keeping a temps desk organised involves proper management of data, correct and timely invoicing, busy candidates, and happy clients. If a temps recruiter is exhausted by having to juggle multiple tasks then they will not be able to deliver the best recruitment software to their clients. A temporary recruitment software guarantees that they have a recruiting tool that keeps their work well-managed. Everything is easily accessible. Work also flows much better. 

Thus, it is clear that every fast-paced temps recruitment agency needs a temporary agency recruitment software if it is to meet all the demands of the work. There is plenty of advantages to gain from using a temps CRM. Now all the temps agency needs to do is find one that is suitable for their business needs and growth.

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