Why Study Fashion Styling & Image Design Masters Degree?

The world of fashion is diverse! If you thought that fashion and accessory design were the be-all and end-all in fashion, you were far from the truth. There is fashion communication, fashion strategy, and also fashion styling, and image design.

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Elaborating further on fashion styling and image design, this sub-discipline helps you carve a niche for yourself in the world of fashion.

What is fashion styling and image design?

Firstly, think of image design as a part of fashion styling. Through styling your clients, you can give their public image a makeover. As a fashion stylist, you work for fashion labels, celebrities, individuals, clothing brands, magazines, etc.

You offer your clients fashion advice, choose their outfits for public events, style models for photoshoots, design costumes for television and film actors, and choose props and accessories for shoots. Fashion stylists are multidisciplinary professionals who work in tandem with photographers and designers. They are also called upon to execute concepts within an editorial or commercial space.

How do I become a fashion stylist?

A formal education in the field of styling and image design is critical. Pursuing a Master’s degree from a renowned institute in this subject will boost your credibility as an employee as well as a freelancer. A classroom understanding of the concepts of fashion styling and image design range from acquiring photography skills to hairstyling to visual merchandising and much more.

Here are the subjects you will most likely study in a fashion styling and image design course:

  • Fashion cultures
  • Image and identity
  • Visual inquiry and investigation
  • Fashion evolution
  • Beauty and identity
  • Cultural studies
  • Designing images
  • Cultural studies
  • Garment appreciation
  • Personal styling
  • Commercial and media styling

And much more.

Why should I opt for a Masters’s degree in fashion styling and image design?

If you wish to play in the big league, where you are styling for celebrities, and magazines like Vogue, Elle, a Masters degree is essential. It shows your future employer that you are serious about pursuing fashion styling and also have the theoretical base ready.

Further, if you study fashion styling and image design course from a reputed institution, it means they selected you based on your inclination and intuition for this discipline. Besides, this field may seem purely creative, but it also has several technical elements that only a formal degree can help you acquire. Otherwise, you will end up taking years to pick them up on your own.

Make sure to create a knowledge base before getting a job as a fashion stylist. This is the best way to grow rapidly within this field. 

Roles and responsibilities of a fashion stylist and image designer

Here is a detailed view of the roles and responsibilities of a fashion stylist:

  • Supervising clientele on fashion styling for shoots, events and live shows.
  • Taking client meetings and sharing styling ideas with them.
  • Liaising with fashion labels to source garments, accessories, etc., for clients.
  • Purchasing ensembles for celebrities or other clients.
  • Keeping up with the latest fashion trends and predicting the ones to come.
  • A fashion stylist must always be prepared to travel as they need to style their client before they go out for any event. So, whether it is New Delhi or New York, travel is an essential part of a fashion stylist’s job.

Parting thoughts

There is not an iota of doubt that fashion styling and image design is indeed an exciting and lucrative career. But, one that starts with a solid foundation, provided by a Masters degree from a renowned institute like the Pearl Academy.

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