Top FAQs About Tail Tidy Answered

A tail tidy is a popular bike accessory among sports bikers and veteran bikers. This QnA blog is based on several frequently asked questions regarding a tail tidy for bikes. If you are planning to purchase a tail tidy, then this blog right here can be of great influence for helping you make the right choice. So, read on and expand your knowledge about the most popular bike accessories for a sporty and robust look.

Tail tidy frequently asked questions

The top 5 FAQs about tail tidy:

1.   What is a tail tidy?

A tail tidy is an aftermarket bike accessory that is a metal or metal-plastic composite structure mounted on the rear side of the motorbike. A tail tidy is used as a replacement for the rear fender of the bike. A tail tidy comes with a set of nuts and bolts to hold the license plate on it.

2.   What is the purpose of a tail tidy?

Tail tidy is majorly used to fulfil three purposes:

  • Uplifting the license plate

The primary function of a tail tidy is to make the licence plate more visible even from a distance.

  • Exposing the read tire

The tail tidy also makes the rear tire more visible by uplifting the license plate. This adds a sporty appearance to the bike.

  • Amplifying the bike’s appearance

A lot of people add a tail tidy to accessorise their bike and amp-up its profile. A tail tidy adds a sporty and elegant look to your automobile.

3.   Are tail tidies legal?

According to law, making any changes in the construction of your bike after its registration are illegal. Hence, installing an aftermarket tail tidy is technically illegal. However, as long as your license plate is clearly visible, which is actually the job of a tail tidy- to expose the number plate, you should not have any problem by installing a tail tidy.

4.   Where can I buy the best tail tidy?

When the internet is filled with fake and counterfeit products, it can get quite tricky to choose a genuine product. However, there’s this one website, Carorbis, that incorporates a strict verification process to filter out only the most genuine auto sellers and distributors. So, if you are looking for the best bike accessory like a tail tidy on the internet, Forbesblog you can trust the variety offered by

5.   How to choose the right tail tidy?

If you are looking for a tail tidy online, you must consider a few parameters to pick only the best product for your bike:

  • The fit

An ill-fitted tail tidy won’t be sturdy enough. Make sure that the tail tidy is the right fit for your bike. You can look for a tail tidy specially designed for your bike model. If not, you can purchase a universal tail tidy.

  • The material

While a cheap tail tidy can be lighter on your pocket, it will not be as elegant-looking and durable as a premium bike tail tidy. Also, a good-quality tail tidy generally comes with a finished coating that is not only quite easy to clean, but resistant to corrosion.


So, here were some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a tail tidy. A tail tidy is a stylish accessory to add a different profile to your beloved motorbike. It is easy to install and clean at home. Don’t forget to check for an amazing range of auto parts and accessories from the top-most global brands and that too at super affordable prices. Hope you enjoyed reading through this article and found this article helpful. Have a great day ahead!

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Meta description: A tail tidy is a stylish bike accessory that uplifts your license plate and adds a sporty profile. Here are the top FAQs regarding tail tidy answered.

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