4 Hygiene Care Tips For the Elderly

We need to stay clean and hygienic to stay away from diseases and infections. Young people and adults do take a bath regularly and follow all the hygiene measures. However, the elderly may not always be able to follow the same. Since they are bound to movement and physical activities, their hygiene is sometimes compromised. One of the best products for the elderly to stay hygienic even in public is an ostomy bag from ConvaTec. Below discussed are some other hygiene care tips for the elderly.

1. Follow a Routine:

During the later stages of life, people tend to forget a lot of things. It is possible that the elderly may forget to follow many of the hygiene measures. To solve this problem, you shall create a routine. If everything is written on a piece of paper, they can refer to the same every morning and ensure following it. After a period of time, they will be habitual of their routine and will memorize it. Make sure you include everything from brushing the teeth to bathing in their hygiene routine.

2. Comfortable Baths:

You might have observed that sometimes the elderly wish to skip their bath. One of the major reasons for the same might be the uncomfortable bathing atmosphere. If the weather is cold outside, then the elderly shall be provided with warm water. Apart from that, make sure that the bathroom is clean and systematic. Provide them with the furniture that they can use to bathe comfortably and safely. If you make comfortable conditions for bathing, they will never want to skip the same. Get their favorite soap and shampoo. Make sure it removes all the sweat and bacteria from their skin and body. Comfortable baths will also make them feel calm and refreshed.

3. Appoint a Caretaker:

Following all the hygiene measures requires a lot of movement as well as physical work. The elderly might not be able to do the same. This is the reason why it is suggested to appoint a caretaker for the elderly. The person can help them clean their bed and wash their utensils. This is how the elderly will stay clean yet comfortable. Appointing a caretake might be a bit expensive but is totally worth it. They can be appointed for a range of work such as cleaning the floor to washing their clothes.

4. Sanitiser and Napkins:

The elderly have a weak immune system. Even a small cluster of bacteria or viruses can make them ill. This is the reason why their hands and mouth shall be kept clean. Instead of getting up and going to the washroom to wash their hands, they can be provided with hand sanitizers. The solution can be used to kill all the bacteria and viruses on their skin surface. Make sure that they sanitize their hands before consuming the food. Apart from that, also provide them with napkins and other pieces of cloth so that they are clean and comfortable on their beds.

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