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How to Download Your Entire Twitter History

Social media platforms are great for connecting and engaging with new people, but that doesn’t mean you have to share every single detail of your life with the world. If you ever need to close or deactivate your Twitter account, you don’t want those tweets to be deleted forever. Fortunately, it’s easy to download all your tweets from Twitter in a handy PDF file that you can access at any time on your computer or other devices. Here’s how to do it.

Go to Settings > Applications

Clicking on Applications will take you to a page where you can see all of your connected applications, including Twitter. Clicking on Connected Applications at the top of that page will bring up even more links in case you have any other accounts associated with your Twitter account. Simply click on Twitter Settings and then click on Deauthorize all applications. That way, no one—not even hackers—can ever access your account.

Click Revoke Access

Once you’ve decided you no longer want access to your archive, go back into your account settings. At the bottom of that page, click Revoke Access. Once you confirm by entering in your password again, an email will be sent off to Twitpic confirming that they should remove all of your tweets from their service.

Go back to the app settings

There are many third-party services that can help you download all your tweets. These include Twapper Keeper, Backupify, and Twit Backup. If you’re using a mobile device, most have apps that allow you to backup data on your phone, and cloud storage programs, such as Dropbox or Google Drive will allow you to save data from your account. Visit their help pages for step-by-step instructions.

Delete the account

Your request to delete your account is being processed. This may take a few minutes. You will receive an email when your account has been deleted. Thanks for using Twitter!

Go back into apps

In order to find all your tweets, you’ll need access to your Twitter account. There are several apps that will allow you to do just that—easily and quickly. Some of them include Tweetbeep (free), Tweet Archive (free), Archivist for Instagram ($4.99), Tweedyn ($4.99), and TwitSave (free). Once you have one of these downloaded on your device, simply log into your Twitter account and start downloading!

Choose Twitter

You can use an archiving tool like Tweet Binder or Twelve, but you’ll need access to your Twitter account. You can choose any other social media platform and download your data from there. Also, remember that not all platforms have a download feature; LinkedIn, for example, only lets you view your data in its own format. If you want a more comprehensive archive of content from a site, try using Wayback Machine or Archive.—both sites archive snapshots of web pages for historical purposes.

Click Revoke Access again

If you’re not sure how many tweets are in your archive, or what will happen when you revoke access, click Revoke Access one more time. This puts a pause on all future tweet downloads. You can always change your mind and go back to your timeline.

Wait for confirmation

Sometimes, you’ll see an alert letting you know that your archive has been created. Other times, however, it may take a few hours for your archive to be created and ready for download. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time so that you don’t run into any issues when downloading your archive. Once your archive is available, go back into settings and select Account from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Closeout of all tabs

In order to download your tweets, you’ll need to close out all of your open tabs and/or windows. You can find a clear history option in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer at their respective top locations.

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