All About Advertising on WhatsApp Messengers

WhatsApp is one of the best selections for many businesses to advertise their services and products because it has many users. You may think that advertising on WhatsApp messengers is as simple as writing the text of the message and sending it to audiences. Bulk advertising is so difficult and time-consuming to be done manually. Because of the difficulties this operation has, it is better to use automation tools.

Join us to get complete information about advertising on WhatsApp and its limitations.

Methods of Advertising on WhatsApp

As we mentioned above WhatsApp is appropriate for advertising and marketing because it has many users. There are three ways to advertise on WhatsApp that we will introduce to you in the following.

UploadingContent on WhatsApp Status

If you are familiar with Instagram, it will be easy to explain the WhatsApp status. WhatsApp status is something like a story on Instagram. It is a photo or movie that you want to see all the audience that has your number on their phone and is also logged in to WhatsApp. It’s kind of a public announcement for your contacts. So, you can display your content using this option for 24 hours to people who have saved your number on their phones.

WhatsApp Group Advertising

You can both create your group and send your advertising content to some popular groups.

  1. Creating a group: you can create a group on WhatsApp and add your contact in it. Then send the advertising posts of your products and services.
  2. You can choose some groups and send your content to them. Advertising in WhatsApp groups is one of the effective methods of advertising because you can expose your post to many audiences and introduce your business to people. In the following, we want to explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of this method. The number of people who can be added to the group is 512 and this number is low for bulk advertising so you should choose more groups.


If you choose groups that are related to your business and send advertising posts to them you can have a high efficiency of advertising.


  • First, if you are not the group admin and you send your message without coordination with the group admin, you may be removed from the group.
  • Secondly, after sending your advertisement to the group, your advertisement will be lost among a multitude of other messages and will not be noticed. As a result, this method of advertising will only waste your time and energy because there is no specific solution to overcome the two challenges.

Send Bulk Messages to People’s Private Chats on WhatsApp

Sending messages to people’s private chats is the best way to advertise on WhatsApp. People always pay special attention to the messages they received in private chats and the messages that are sent to people privately will see100%. So, in this case, you can have high-yield advertising. You should pay attention to some factors to attract audiences and increase your customers which we will explain in the following.

The Importance of the Target Audiences

At first, you need to know who is your target audience and to who exactly you should send an advertising post. Our advice is to find people who are interested in your field of work or need your products and services. If these people are targeted according to their interests and what they need, are more likely to visit your site, channel, or page and become your customer. For example, if you send a cosmetics advertising message to the men, they will not become your customers.

How to Find Your Target Audience’s Phone Number

The point is, how can we know who is interested in or related to our business? If you choose some groups that are related to the field of your business you can be sure that the members of those groups are interested and related to your services and products. Saving these people’s numbers, you can send them your messages. So, the next question is how you can save a multitude of lines? It is so time-consuming and intolerable to do this affair manually, so, the need for using the automation tools is obvious.

The Importance of the Text of the Advertising Message

Writing an appropriate message text is the only way to attract the target audience of your advertisement because the only thing the audience sees from you, in the beginning, is the text of your message. After they see your message, they will decide to visit your website or channel or not. So, you have to write the advertising message wisely.

How should the advertising text be written?

Do not forget to start your message with a greeting and it is better to address them by some appropriate title like (gentlemen, madam, friend). The text of the message should be written in a polite and friendly way. If your audiences feel that your message is merely an advertising message, they may not answer you and they may report and block you.

In this article, we have explained advertising on WhatsApp. We told you it has some methods and you can choose them to have an appropriate efficiency. As we talked about it, there are some restrictions on sending messages to people’s private chats. If you use automation tools you can do all steps of advertising without any difficulties.

If you need more information about this method of advertising and marketing you can refer to the virtual user website.

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