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South Asian countries beat Germany and the U.S. in expected house price growth thanks to the local government allowing foreigners to buy real estate

Vietnam will become the most favorable country to buy real estate in the coming years

This conclusion is contained in a study of the international consulting company Knight Frank, which monitors the dynamics of real estate prices around the world. According to the report, housing in Vietnam will grow more expensive than in other countries due to the fact that in the middle of last year the local government has allowed foreigners to own real estate in Vietnam. An additional reason for the coming increase in price will be the rapid development of the subway in the largest city in Ho Chi Minh City. The construction of new stations in the city will improve accessibility, which will lead to further increases in housing prices, predict Knight Frank.

The list of the most promising countries to buy real estate also includes Germany and the United States. Over the past five years, home prices in Germany have grown by 23%, according to Knight Frank. However, steady growth in local incomes has kept the affordability of housing at the same level, according to the report by Knight Frank. Despite the fact that at the moment in the country a lot of new buildings are being erected, analysts expect the gap between supply and demand to increase, which will lead to further increases in the cost of real estate. The reasons for the growth of home prices in the U.S. in the report are named as improving employment and increasing demand from foreign investors.

The most promising cities for investment in real estate finds Knight Frank in Los Angeles, Madrid, and Shanghai; the most profitable resort areas to buy home analysts are called the Australian Gold Coast, Spanish Ibiza, and the French Riviera.

Over the past year

The cost of luxury housing in 100 key cities around the world increased by 1.8%, according to Knight Frank. Most of all the premium real estate rose in Vancouver – by 24.5%. Company specialists explained such dynamics due to a lack of proposals, the weakening of the Canadian dollar, and the increased demand for real estate in Vancouver by foreign buyers. The second place in the growth rate of prices for luxury housing was the Australian Sydney (+14.8%), and the third – was the Chinese Shanghai (+14.1%).

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